02. Basic course settings (1,5 hours)

Let us begin to modify the course. Enter the course settings page and adjusts:

  • Write a brief description of the course (you can include an image).
  • Select the topics format course with 7 topics.
  • Adjust maximum size of files uploaded to 2 Mb
  • Choose a 'theme' that you like.
  • Make the course available to students.
  • Optionally you can change the course language

Save changes.

Locate the block to add new blocks (usually the last of the right column).

  • Show the calendar as the first block of the right column.
  • Show the course/site description block, as first of the left column.
  • You can remove or make visible other blocks.

Paste a link to your course of practice to review the task.

Help: Check the Basic course settings tutorial