The page module enables a teacher to create a web page resource using the text editor. A page can display text, images, sound, video, web links and embedded code, such as Google maps.

Advantages of using the page module rather than the file module include the resource being more accessible (for example to users of mobile devices) and easier to update.

For large amounts of content, it's recommended that a book is used rather than a page.

A page may be used

  • To present the terms and conditions of a course or a summary of the course syllabus
  • To embed several videos or sound files together with some explanatory text

Moodle is continually evolving, some of the highlights from the point of view of the teacher

New in Moodleversion 2.2

New optional checkbox to display description on course page for all resources or activities.


New assignament module, now shows more information of submisions and grades.

New in Moodleversion 2.3

You can now drag and drop files directly from your desktop straight into file areas.

New icon to edit directly the name of resources and activities edit

New activity chooser to add content to your course instead of the dropdown selector

New in Moodleversion 2.4

New set of icons a little bigger and more colourful

New options in course settings, now you can show all the weeks/topics in one page or only one per page

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